Is the 21st Century the end of Taxi Cabs?

Taxis have been around for decades now but with the rise of technology and businesses like UBER, Lyft, and Grab rapidly making waves amongst people, will it overtake or demolish the taxi business? Taxis have been around for about 80 years now but are slowly declining in riders and sales due to new companies like UBER. Uber and Lyft have taken the old taxi and turned it into a private cab service which acts as what they call private drivers. In the 21st century and due the rise in technology it may look like the end for taxi cabs and here’s the rundown on why it may happen.  

Because of people like Travis Kalanick and Logan Green UBER and Lyft were born. These companies work through a person’s smartphone wherein the person must download the app and make profile entering their credit card details and valid identification. People argue that they like UBER and Lyft more than traditional yellow taxis due to the safety and convenience of UBER and Lyft.  


To access a car from UBER or Lyft a person using his phone must input the destination of where he wants to go and the app will automatically give you the price of the ride and will look for drivers near you to pick you up and bring you wherever you need to be. Rather than hailing a taxi or calling a cab service just to pick you up with a traditional taxi people that use UBER or Lyft can get a driver in a matter of a few clicks on the phone.  


There is also the argument of safety. With UBER and Lyft people that use the application have the time to look at the driver’s credentials and see how he looks like with their rating features. With this features they can tell if a driver is good if he has a high rating and to avoid a low rated driver. These drivers are rated by the passengers themselves and it helps the other future riders have a gauge on how safe they will be. With the traditional yellow taxis having no rating people would rather choose to go with UBER or Lyft to value their safety as the only credentials the yellow taxicabs have to offer is the ID badge and nothing else. 


According to BloomsburgBusinessweek, Genie Freidman the taxi king has his company faltering due to the rise of likes of UBER and Lyft. Taxi ridership has gone down and it is a fact. The 50 billion dollar company in UBER has increased ridership and shows no signs of slowing down. There are about 20,000 UBER driven cars in New York and only about thirteen thousand and a half traditional taxi cabs. It is safe to say from that assumption that UBER is on its way to overtake the taxi cab business for good as the prices of likes of UBER and Lyft are significantly cheaper and give you a sense of safety with their ratings of their drivers and such. 


All in all, taxi cabs have not yet and hopefully will not be dead by the end of the 21st century but looking at it statistically, UBER and Lyft and all companies like them are rapidly growing and will soon overtake traditional taxis. 


Reasons to Hire Experienced and Professional Piano Movers in Your Area 

Before you choose to move your piano by yourself, it is very important that you consider its overall value, not only the monetary value but also its sentimental value. Thus, you have to make sure that you piano arrive completely safe and secured to your new living space through hiring a professional and reputable piano moving company that has the right experience and knowledge on how to properly transport large equipment such as your piano. 

Professional Piano Movers

In this article, you will be able to learn some of the many reasons why it is a really great idea that you hire a professional piano moving company that knows exactly how your piano should be handled. 

Professional Piano Movers Avoid Damaging Your Piano

As an owner of a valuable piano, you believe that your piano is not just a heavy furniture. For sure, you know that your piano is considered as a precision musical instrument that has over one thousand moving parts as well as two hundred finely tuned strings and any of them can be easily damaged as well as might need repair the moment your piano is not properly moved during your moving process. Oftentimes, when people would try to move their piano on their own, chances are they usually end up creating more damage to it like breaking the pins, strings or legs. Having said that, it is very important that you leave this kind of job to qualified professionals and reliable moving service providers since they have the ability and knowledge on how to assemble and disassemble your piano, whenever necessary. Aside from that, piano moving service providers will also pack your instrument properly so that it doesn’t get damaged or even scratched during the entire moving process. 

You’ll Avoid Personal Injury Should You Decide to Hire a Professional Piano Mover

Your piano is actually a heavy instrument, which can weigh up a thousand pounds. Having said that, the most proper and safest way on how to move this piano equipment is that you hire a professional and highly trained piano moving company. Fortunately, professional and highly experienced piano moving service providers have the right equipment and techniques on how to properly moving a piano to a new location without causing any bodily harm to it. 

The Professionals Have the Right Tools and Equipment Which Help Keep Your Piano Safe and Secured

Reliable and professional piano movers in Dallas have the right skills and experience on how to move large equipment like pianos have the right straps, blankets, truck, padding and dolly in order to keep you piano secured as well as to avoid creating any damage to it. Furthermore, having the right tools and equipment is very important to a successful and safe moving process. The size and weight of a piano actually makes it much harder to move in and out of residential or commercial buildings, most especially in tall apartments with stairs as well as no service elevator. The moment you have your piano out of your building, if you don’t happen to secure your van or truck in a proper manner, then the entire process will surely be useless. 


Tips to Finding Quality Arborists to Preserve Your Trees

Have you tried looking through your phone book and saw a lot of lists for people who say they know tons about the trees? Unfortunately, some of these people do not have any idea about how to grow these trees or how to even maintain them. The trees can end up severely damaged by anyone who does not even have an idea as to what they’re doing when it comes to proper and regular tree service in Pittsburgh 

Preserve Your Trees

Once these trees have been severely damaged and their health are already in danger, they can be hazardous to you and anyone near them, that is why we must get rid of these trees. Not because someone may be cheaper, that does not mean they are good and reliable to this line of work. As a matter of fact, hiring someone who are not knowledgeable and not professional could only end up costing you a lot of money, most especially when your trees end up dying. 

Furthermore, hiring an arborist should not be taken lightly. You have to spend more time and effort asking several various questions to the person who will be going to take good care of your trees and landscaping. 

These are the following questions that you should be asking to the arborists before you consider to hire them: 

  • Ask the individual if they are licensed, qualified and certified arborists. Theyshould be ready to show their certification to you. You can also verify the certification online if in doubt.  
  • Ask them how they’re going to do the operation. Be suspicious or any company which suggests heading or topping off your trees. 
  • Ask the arborist to give you references. Discover what are the outcomes of their work onother clients. Ask them also about the services they have provided. Take a closer look at some of their work for someclients. 
  • Make sure that they have the present liability insurance certificates and workers’ compensation
  • Make sure they are not going to use the climbing spikes on the trees when doing pruning. These spikes must only be utilized when you are going to remove the trees.
  • Ask the arborists to provide you a signed contract which shows dates for when the operation is going to be finish, what is to be done on your trees and the breakdowns of the costs.

Do not be deceived by an offer which sounds too good. Never pay the arborists in advance for a job which has not been accomplished yet. In addition to that, make sure to have more than one estimation on the job which you need to have accomplished. 

By taking all these things into mind, you can now make sure that you hire the person who is going to do the job accordingly. Therefore, there is no way that you would hire someone who would only make the situation even worse and give you headaches. And lastly, you should find the right one who cares enough to get the job done right.