How To Avoid Tree Scams

Scamming is something that a lot of people have fallen victim to. It is a sad thing to think that someone would do such a terrible thing but the reality is that it happens. It is something that may happen to anyone and the only thing you can do aside from being informed and prepared so you can avoid these problems is to hire a professional and reputable tree service san Luis Obispo. There are many ways wherein people could manipulate people into giving them money for a fake service especially for tree services. There may come a time wherein you will need to call a tree service and it is best to be prepared in order to not fall victim to scams. Here are some of the ways to know if the company is legit or if it is a scam.

Avoid Tree Scams

One sign to tell if the company is legit is their license. All legitimate tree services have an official license. It is best to ask for their official license in order to see if they are a bunch of scammers or not. Checking their insurance is also a tell tale sign of legitimacy. Official companies would have real insurance in order to cover them if anything goes wrong. A scamming company would not have legit insurance because they would not have enough money to get one which is why they are resulting to these measures just to have some money. Not only is it dangerous for their company but it could cause problems for you. A lawsuit may appear if you were dealing with an unlicensed company and a company using fake or no insurance.

Another way to avoid scammers is to avoid door to door contractors. Usually these types of contractors are not legit. Reputable businesses would have ads online or print ads on the newspaper or magazines. They would rather advertise there rather than door to door services. Take caution if the price is too low. It may be shocking that the service for the trees is low but that would not be the case. If it is too low then it might be a bit sketchy. Comparing prices with another company is a good way to check out fraudulent companies. Making sure that if a company’s price is lower than another is one thing but if it is significantly lower by a large number then it may be time to be wary. It would also mean that the company is too small or would be lacking funds which means they may lack the necessary licenses and insurance. At the same time avoid the outrageously expensive companies. They may look legit on paper but it is good to inquire before asking them to come over and do research on those types of companies.

These are some of the signs to watch out for when hiring a tree service. Avoiding these types of scams would save you a lot of money and hiring a legit one would actually solve your tree problem wherein a fake company would probably worsen the damages already present in the trees.